New Classes: Knitting & Crochet “Basics”

Based on feedback I’ve received after the Michael’s Open House and in-store demonstrations, I am excited to announce new classes that I will be offering starting in March!

“Knitting Basics” and “Crochet Basics” –

In response to interest in several of my projects which are not “beginner” level, I will begin teaching 2 new courses: “Knitting Basics” and “Crochet Basics.” These courses are designed to teach basic stitches and techniques, along with an overview of abbreviations and pattern reading without the pressure to complete a large project. This will allow you to learn more in class to build your skills and confidence to make unique projects on your own or in a class of your choice.   

In the “Basics” cIasses, we will create sample swatches using basic stitches in fun combinations of colors. You can enjoy these swatches as colorful coasters or create more and join to make accessories, or a larger project like a baby blanket or afghan. I have posted photos of the knit and crochet “stitch samplers” on my “Projects” page.

Moving forward, if you have never knit or crocheted before, it is recommended that you start with a “Basics” class to learn basic skills before moving on to an “Advanced Beginner” project class. The goal is to help you become an accomplished knitter or crocheter, and the only way to do that well is to start at the beginning. With practice, you will become more skilled and comfortable with your craft and you will enjoy it even more!

March “Basics” classes are now posted to my “Calendar.” If you’re a beginner and interested in learning a new skill that is both creative and relaxing, join us! Register with Michael’s in-store or online at

Thanks for visiting! I hope to see you soon!