IMG_0862Thanks for stopping by! I’ve created this space to share knit and crochet class news and information with my new circle of yarn-loving friends. Check back often to see my current class calendar, to get class and project information, or to send any questions or comments you may have. Please click on “+FOLLOW” in the lower right corner of any page to sign up to receive e-mail alerts when new classes and project updates are posted & you’ll always be up to date!

The knit and crochet “community” is a welcoming and supportive group of creative people who enjoy the satisfaction and relaxation that the world of knit and crochet provides. I hope you will get the same joy from such wonderful skills and our new circle of friends.

Every project (even small ones) will build your skills and knowledge. Your new hobby can be a simple joy or grow into a real passion with something always new to learn. It’s a fun journey and I’m here to help you enjoy it!